Toxin-free travel

Travelling toxin-free is a lifestyle choice for me which I have been improving on and learning more about over time. I previously had no knowledge at all on toxin-free living and do not have any judgement whatsoever for those who happily use products with toxins. I simply want to share my personal choices regarding the products that I use in case anyone is interested or would like to chat about creating a more toxin-free lifestyle.

I don’t pretend to be completely toxin-free! I do still use ‘normal’ products off the shelves and am still making the transition to becoming completely toxin-free. So if anyone has any hot tips or products they could recommend to me I would be hugely appreciative!


Watch this space for toxin-free travel tips, product reviews and musings on how we can travel healthily to nourish both our bodies and our souls 💜 

Photograph by Ellen Burne

Kate xo